About Nepal


nepalflagNepal is in Southern Asia, between China and India. It covers total area of 143,351 sq km and its boundary is 2,926 km long in total, bordered by China 1,236 km and India 1,690 km. It is a landlocked country.

The weather and climate varies from hot summers to severe winters. Nepal has varieties of lands as it has weather and people. The land starts from 70m from sea level from Kanchan Kalan in Terai and passes though hilly region to the world’s highest point Mount Everest at 8,850 m.

Nepal is known for its natural beauty and it has its own cultures. It has more than 70 ethnic groups and more than 60 different languages are spoken in different parts of Nepal. Nepali is the national language of Nepal. People practice several religion. Till now Hinduism and Buddhism have the largest population.

Kathmandu is the capital, and Nepal has 30 millions people.

Nepal at A Glance

Location : Between China in North and India in East, West and South.
Latitude/ Longitude : 26° 22’ and 30° 27’ North. / 80° 4’ and 88° 12’ East.
Area : 147,181 Sq. Km. (800 Km in length and 200 Km in width approx.)
Capital : Kathmandu
Population : 2.6 million
Per Capita Income : US $ 255
People & Language :

About 60 ethnic groups, Most of them having their own and distinct cultures, traditions and languages. At least 49 mother tongues identified. Nepali is the national language. English is widely spoken and understood in the tourism sector.

Currency : Nepalese Rupee (US $ 1=  Rs.74 approx)
Religion :

80.62% Hindus, 10.74% Buddhists, 4.20% Muslims and rest Kirants, Jains and Christians living harmoniously.

Climate :

Winter: Dec-Feb. Summer: June-Aug
Spring: Mar-May Autumn: Sep-Nov.
Though Nepal can be visited throughout the year the best time is from mid-September to June.

Nepal Standard Time: 5 hours and 45 minutes ahead of GMT.
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